What to Know about Eyelash Extensions

//What to Know about Eyelash Extensions

There is a huge allure to having long, fluttering, curvy eyelashes. Beautiful lashes complete your whole look. Many women apply false lashes these days in an attempt at enhancing their natural beauty. Mascaras that promise to make lashes fuller and thicker are big-selling cosmetics because of how important long, distinctive lashes are.

Mascaras can sometimes disappoint and false lashes can be hard to apply correctly. They can also fall off at the most embarrassing moments. If you want to have the beauty that long eyelashes can give, but you do not want to fuss with falsies or have to try one mascara after another, you will want eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. They look real, they last for weeks and they give you the long, gorgeous eyelashes you want without all the hassles that come with mascaras and false lashes. These extensions are excellent for women who are having problems with thinning lashes. Forget spending hundreds of dollars on serums or other treatments to regrow eyelashes. Invest in extensions.

What They Are

These extensions are commonly made of individual strands of synthetic mink or polyester. There are some made of genuine mink or human hair. They can be customized to suit your desired length and thickness of lashes.

Each strand is applied to an existing hair with a special glue. It takes between 50 and 100 individual hairs to cover both eyes at the top and bottom lids. The process should only be done by a qualified and experienced technician.

When it comes to these cosmetic enhancements, you get what you pay for. You want the best results and you want them to last. A specially trained technician can help you pick the right lashes for your existing hair color, your overall desired look and for your budget.

Where to Get Them

Go to a reputable salon specializing in lashes in your area. Only get them done by experienced eyelash technicians. As long as you care for them properly, you will not only enjoy your new beautiful look longer but you will be less likely to experience any damage to your natural lashes.

At the best eyelash salons, you will be advised as to all of your options. Your technician will help you select the perfect length, color, and thickness. Once you have the perfect set applied you should get three weeks of wear from them. After this time, you need to get another set.

You will love being able to feel confidently beautiful in your flawless curvy eyelashes. You can go without ever using messy, clumpy mascaras again. Your eyelash expert will advise you as to how to take care of your lashes but you never want to tug at them. This can weaken your real lashes and it can cause your false ones to wear faster or fall out.

Now is the time to ditch the mascara and the falsies. Get a set of eyelash extensions and be amazed every time you see yourself in a mirror.

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