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A beautiful face is made complete by eyebrows that are shaped and groomed well. One way to achieve this is by visiting a salon or spa that offers waxing and/or eyebrow threading. In this article, we will talk about these two services and what occurs during each.

1. Waxing

Waxing is a service that shapes the eyebrows. It is done using hot wax that is heated in a pot. When you opt for eyebrow waxing, you will usually lay down on your back, with your waxing technician seated behind your head. From this angle, he or she can shape your eyebrows.

First, your brows will be arranged with a small brush (think a dry, clean mascara wand) so that the technician can see the natural shape of the brow. Then, the wax will be applied along the brow using a small wooden stick. The technician may apply the wax directly to the hair, or apply the wax above the brow and manually pull each hair that needs to be removed up into the wax. A thin strip of cloth will then be pushed onto the wax, smoothed down, and removed in a swift motion. The technician may choose to place a finger over the area that was waxed to calm down any pain, or simply continue to wax the brows.

If you decide to try eyebrow waxing, do not have the service done on a day that you are attending an event or special occasion. The brows will be sore, and more than likely a little red and irritated. This should not last for long, however, and the technician will apply aloe vera gel or a lotion after the service is complete to calm down the area.

2. Eyebrow Threading

Another service that shapes eyebrows is eyebrow threading. It is an excellent alternative to eyebrow waxing for those who have sensitive skin. Threading is done using thread, as the name suggests, and the technician is able to remove rows of hair at a time.

When you opt to have eyebrow threading done, you will usually be called to sit in a chair and lean your head back. Your eyes will need to be closed so that the hairs being removed do not fall into them. In the process, the technician will use the thread to shape your eyebrows and remove hair at a follicle level.

While threading is excellent for those who have sensitive skin, it may still be uncomfortable. However, threading allows the technician to have more control over the shape of the brows and how they will turn out.

In conclusion, whether you choose to have your eyebrows waxed or have them threaded, each service is great for achieving wonderfully-shaped eyebrows. Waxing does remove the top layer of skin when it is done, which can cause redness and irritation, so we recommend that those with sensitive skin opt for threading. Otherwise, try each service out in order to decide which method of hair removal is your favorite. Good luck!

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