Eyebrow Microblading 101

//Eyebrow Microblading 101

It is said that “a woman’s makeup routine is not complete without her doing her eyebrows”. Perfectly groomed eyebrows can instantly give you a polished look without even the use of makeup. Eyebrows can also make your face look more symmetrical and “aesthetically pleasing”. There are a lot of ways to get that perfect eyebrow. You can use an eyebrow pencil, a pomade, a brow powder or have that perfect arch through “eyebrow microblading”. What is eyebrow microblading? Read on and learn why this latest trend in cosmetic improvement has been making waves all over the beauty world.

A Fuss-free Approach to Beauty

Wouldn’t you want to wake up with those beautifully defined eyebrows for up to 2 years? That’s the promise of eyebrow microblading. Perfect for those girls who are always on the go, this procedure cuts down your makeup application time. Think of the process as to getting a tattoo. Everything starts with the brow specialist lining and defining your brow shape. This step is where you can choose your desired arch shape or brow color. After the brow shaping phase, the specialist will now apply numbing cream to your brows to lessen the pain. A majority of women who had their brows done reported minimal or no pain at all so this shouldn’t worry you. Now the actual microblading procedure is next. The brow specialist will then use a state-of-the-art tool or blade to make thin hair-like cuts to deposit the brow pigment. These superficial cuts will then heal with the pigment still intact and looking like actual hair. The pigment can last up to 2 years but if you want the color to stay, you can opt for a retouch anytime. Healing of the skin takes up to 7 days. Since the pigment will fade, the true result can be seen in 3 days. The whole procedure takes up to an hour and you can resume your daily activities as soon as it’s done. You will be given an antibiotic cream to help prevent infection.

More and More Women are Jumping the Bandwagon

Why are women so intrigued with eyebrow microblading? Aside from it being convenient, easy and inexpensive, it gives girls the power to look their best without the effort. Imagine not worrying about your looks and being able to focus more on other tasks without feeling insecure that you look unpolished. There are also other types of semi-permanent makeup options out there. You can have semi-permanent lipstick, semi-permanent eyeliner and semi-permanent foundation too. When a woman is confident, she can perform better at work, at home or even at school. If you are interested in trying eyebrow microblading, make sure to go to a reputable salon or clinic in your area. Since this is a specialized procedure, look for online reviews or ask for recommendations from people who have tried it. Being informed before committing to it will help you know how much it costs, where to have it done and what to do after the procedure. You can also check out deals for promos or discounts.

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