Effortlessly Beauty as Soon as You Wake Up

//Effortlessly Beauty as Soon as You Wake Up

Sounds too good to be true? According to a recent study, girls take up to 20 minutes a day to do their makeup routine. This routine is called their “simple makeup look” and not even the glammed-up version of it. Imagine if you can cut that time into half? More and more women nowadays are opting to have their eyebrows “tattooed” by going through the process of eyebrow microblading. Is it painful? Is it expensive? How long does it last? Here are a few things you should need to know before trying this new beauty craze.

Eyebrow Microblading – The New Beauty Craze All Over the World

Think of eyebrow microblading as to getting a tattoo. This semi-permanent “brow tattoo” procedure uses safe pigments or dyes that are FDA-approved. Most clinics or salons use vegetable dyes that can last up to 2 years. One of the pros of having this procedure done is it lessens makeup application time and it can help you save on brow products. The first step of the procedure is eyebrow shaping and defining. The brow specialist or aesthetician will help you choose the right brow shape and color to complement your hair color and face shape. Browse magazines for the latest brow shapes or ask the specialist if Brooke Shield-like brows will fit you. Once you have chosen your desired brow shape and shade, your specialist will apply numbing cream to prevent any discomfort. If you are very sensitive to pain, you can request reapplication of the numbing cream anytime. To keep everything safe and sterile, eyebrow microblading clinics use a specialized tool to create tiny superficial cuts to the skin to deposit the pigment. Thin, hair-like strokes or cuts are then made to replicate the look of eyebrow hair, thus making it look natural. After the blading procedure, an antibiotic is then applied to prevent infection. You will then be given a cream to apply for the next few days to prevent redness and swelling. You can resume all your daily activities after the procedure since it is very minimally invasive. Prices usually start at $900 and this includes an initial touch-up.

What to Expect After

Since dye has been applied to your brows, you will only see the true result of the procedure after a few days. A lot of women reported that they totally skipped eyebrow makeup for a few months and just used eyebrow gel to keep hair in place. Interested to try other semi-permanent makeup procedures? Semi-permanent lipstick, semi-permanent eyeliner and semi-permanent foundation treatments are also now available in a lot of clinics. If you want to try out eyebrow microblading, make sure to do your research on where you can get the best price without skimping on quality. If you know anyone who tried this, you can ask for recommendations or you can simply look online for reviews. This procedure is generally safe and since the dye or pigment fades in a year or two, you can try other brow shapes and colors easily.

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