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Best eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes and mink lashes in Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens, Hialeah, Opa-Locka

Looking for Glamorous Eyelash Extensions in Miami Lakes?

Going to back to the days of Egyptian Pharaoh’s long eyelashes have been considered a sign of vibrant youth and universal attractiveness, and this embracement has become even more popular in recent time with the introduction of clinical quality adhesives and artificial lashes that rival reality. Unlike back in ancient Egypt when only the affluent and well-connected could afford eyelash extension to enhance their experience, today, just about anyone can afford to look like a million dollars.

At The Polished Beauty Bar, we are proud to be one of the top providers of eyelash extension in the Miami Lakes area. Yes, we are aware that beauty spas in the Hialeah to Miami Lakes offering eyelash extension is numerous. Nevertheless, our obsession with details and unwavering commitment to quality has made us the go-to spa for eyelash extensions.

Our lash stylist has undergone a strict intense training to achieve recognition by the leader in the lash industry, Extreme Lashes. Nothing but the best eyelash extensions, a proprietary medical grade adhesive is made available only to trained Extreme Lash stylists.

We provide eyelash extensions that are individually applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a gorgeous natural appearance worthy of any celebrity. Our eyelash extensions are safe and comfortable to wear, and they are never applied directly to the skin or eyelid, giving you that naturally glamorous look.

With routine touchups every 2-3 weeks you can have amazing, Extreme Lashes like all those Hollywood celebrities.