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Effortlessly Beauty as Soon as You Wake Up

Sounds too good to be true? According to a recent study, girls take up to 20 minutes a day to do their makeup routine. This routine is called their "simple makeup look" and not even the glammed-up version of it. Imagine if you can cut that time into half? More and more women nowadays are [...]

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Nails in gel or semi-permanent varnish, what’s different?

Have you ever been embarrassed by brittle, cracked or cracked nails? Have you tried repeatedly to let your nail grow and any attempt has ended in failure? Even nail polishes do not protect against this mishap! Have you considered gel nails or acrylic nails? Gel nails are, to some extent, false nails. A gel is [...]

3 Key Benefits Of Eyelash Extensions

You have probably heard good things about eyelash extensions, but you're still not sure whether or not you should get them. There are many reasons why you should get them. Before you make a decision, check out these benefits of eyelash extensions. 1. Eyelash extensions free you from wasting time with eyelash curlers, as well [...]

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What to Know about Eyelash Extensions

There is a huge allure to having long, fluttering, curvy eyelashes. Beautiful lashes complete your whole look. Many women apply false lashes these days in an attempt at enhancing their natural beauty. Mascaras that promise to make lashes fuller and thicker are big-selling cosmetics because of how important long, distinctive lashes are. Mascaras can sometimes [...]

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What Is Microblading (Eyebrow Embroidery)?

Did you know that fuller, thicker eyebrows make you look younger? Shaping, plucking and general ageing all result in eyebrows thinning out over time making filling in and brushing the brows necessary to achieve that fuller more youthful appearance. But there is a more permanent solution available that is growing in popularity - microblading. This [...]

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Waxing and Eyebrow Threading

A beautiful face is made complete by eyebrows that are shaped and groomed well. One way to achieve this is by visiting a salon or spa that offers waxing and/or eyebrow threading. In this article, we will talk about these two services and what occurs during each. 1. Waxing Waxing is a service that shapes [...]

Pros And Cons Of Gel And Acrylic Nails Manicures

Many women these days like to keep their nails looking nice. It's not hard to do with a variety of nail shops to choose from. However the hardest part is deciding which type of manicure you want, gel or acrylic. This choice doesn't have to be a difficult one and both are really great options [...]